Reasons Why Your Songs Are Rejected By DJs And Radio Stations

The 21st century has witness spontaneous growth of radio stations ranging from  online radio stations to traditional radio stations. This era has embraced the establishment of numerous FM Stations and it has made it very easy for musicians to get their creative piece promoted to the listening audience.
But most musicians especially the upcoming artists always get their songs rejected by radio DJs. Many music artistes have ever fell victims to rejection of their songs,promo CDs and more.
Today I have compiled major reasons why your songs are rejected by radio DJs and radio stations. The following are the key points on why your creative piece are rejected by radio stations and DJs.
It is clear that every radio listener would not waste time listening to noisy songs and songs without balance between the instruments and vocals. Every radio station aims  at staying reputable and showing professionalism in their deliveries into the airwaves and hence radio DJs would only play properly mixed and mastered songs.
Most music artists are not good enough to figure out a good mixed songs and I would be releasing an article to educate ourselves on properly mixed and mastered song. So to put the statement simple, “Your songs will rejected by radio DJs and radio stations if it is not well mixed and mastered by a professional audio engineer”.
So next time before you submit your promo CDs to any radio station make sure the songs are professional mixed and mastered. You can contact us on email : and get your songs evaluated by our professionals before sending them to radio stations for airplay.

I know most guys would in the first place wonder why  “30 seconds of a song” could amount to it’s acceptance or rejection for radio play. The following are famous quotes about first impression you need to think about before preparing your song for radio airplay.
“People sometimes talk about the power of first impressions, and believe me, there is truth to it.”
Ann Brashares

“A good first impression can work wonders.”
J. K. Rowling .

Note that the first 30 seconds of your song creates what I term as “First Impression of a song” . Most music artists got their music rejected by Radio because their songs lack the force of impression which would entice DJs to accept to play.
The elements which should fall in the first 30 seconds of your song includes the following:
~Good intro
 ~Melodies instrumentation
~ Catchy verse to pave way for prechorus and chorus.

Have you asked yourself why Dj Khaled always assumes the introductory parts of most songs coming from his camp?
Why do most popular songs have some special melodies in it’s introductory parts?.
Keep in mind that the first 30sec of your
song has to create a good impression at it’s first play and thus would do a magic for it’s acceptance by wide range of DJs.

Why do companies invest millions of dollars into advertisements? The answer to this question is very simple and straight. Companies invest in adverts because they know finely crafted advertisement can lure customers to patronize their goods or services.
Therefore before one sends a song to radio stations and DJs , make sure the song has good lyrics and content. Over the years we have witnessed uncountable releases from mainstream artists but why do few songs able to stand out over decades and still stay relevant?
It is not because  the artists behind such songs are famous but because such songs were well composed both lyrics and content.
Good lyrics and content in a song leaves a ringing sound in it’s listeners mind and may enjoy numerous replays.
HitzAfrica has professionals who could assist and guide you in writing a good lyrics and content for your next song before it you walk to a Dj for promotion.
You can reach us through mail or you can google “How to write good lyrics and content” to learn more on lyrics and content.

Do you think if you are given the chance as disc joker(DJ) to entertain audience with good music,you would play odd songs comparative to common songs we hear from mainstream gurus?.
It should be noted that DJs have the prime aim of entertaining the listening audience with good music and hence would not waste precious time playing songs with weird voices. A good voice on a good beat will in no way be rejected by professional DJs who understand the art. A remedy to for your song getting rejected by DJs and radio stations is to do voice training before hitting the recording studio. Most studio engineers have no time to coach artist in the recording booth  , therefore do voice training for couple of weeks before you book a recording section with a studio.
Voice training improves artist voice and makes it sound angelic. HitzAfrica has group of voice coaches who can get you through. You can book a session with us through our mail or use other online resources.
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